Meme Soundboard 2016-2023

iOS 13+

Meme Soundboard 2016-2023

25 Apr, 2023. Version 3.8.1

The best memes from 2016 till now, 2023.

/WARNING!\ Some sounds may contain cursed words!

  • Over 1000 sounds! 500+ videos!
  • New sound almost every day update. Stay tuned with push notifications.

  • Search bar help find any sounds.
  • Share sounds and videos with friends.
  • Links for the original memes.
  • Favourites - easy to add/rem and organise it!
  • Create your custom sections! Add, move, and organize sounds easily with your created sections.
  • Sound effects may be added in real time:
    • Speed of the playback
    • Pitch effect
    • Distortion
    • Reverb
  • Enable reverse to play sounds in reverse.
  • Playback modes:
    • "Simple" (first tap to play, the second tap to stop the sound)
    • "Normal" (every tap restarts the playback of the sound)
    • "Multiple" (play one sound several times simultaneously)
    • "Repeat" (sounds are infinitely repeated)
  • Sorting sounds modes:
    • "Custom" (as you want)
    • "A-z", "Z-a" (no comment;)
    • "Most Played" (your most played sounds)
    • "Most Popular" (most played sounds from all users)
    • "Recently added"
  • Long-press and drag any sounds on the board in the "Custom" sort option.
  • Shake your device or tap on the 'Random sound' button to play a random sound.
  • Record or import your own private sounds and videos.
  • iCloud backup for imported sounds.
  • Suggestions for memes addition to the 'Community' section
  • Censored mode for all the cursing words in memes. (for parents).
  • Stop all sounds by tapping the "Stop all" button.

  • Try the most advanced Meme Soundboard on the App Store!
memeSounDBoard screnshot 1 memeSounDBoard screnshot 2 memeSounDBoard screnshot 3 memeSounDBoard screnshot 4 memeSounDBoard screnshot 5 memeSounDBoard screnshot 6